The BRTS Cell is responsible for development and operation of Bus Rapid Transit System for Surat city.

BRTS Surat Project

BRTS for Surat is a multifaceted project which integrates land use and transport, various forms of public transport services as well as other motorized and non-motorized modes through various physical, operational and policy interventions to achieve the objective of making Surat an accessible and competitive city. Given this multi-dimensional nature of the project, anticipated impacts are numerous and some measurable and some qualitative.

The proposed Bus Rapid Transit System will be a high quality, ultra-modern and passenger oriented rapid transit system to deliver fast, comfortable, economical and eco-friendly mobility to urban dwellers. By introducing the BRT system, the overall traffic flow will improve as significant shift from privatized modes towards BRT system is expected. Based on a detailed assessment, it is recommended to develop a BRTS of around 29.7 km in phase-I and 58 km in phase 2.

An integrated transit system comprising of BRT, regular urban bus, regional bus and regional rail are envisaged to deliver the feeder services to meet with the needs of people of Surat.

BRTS routes of phase 1

BRTS major project components
  • Surat Navsari road (10.20 Km)
  • Dumas Resort - Sarthana Jakaatnaka (via canal road) road (19.7 km)
  • Bridges Flyover & ROB (2 x 4 lane)
  • Pedestrian Subways (5)
  • Bus stops (33)
  • Terminals & Depots (3)
  • Interchanges & Stations (5)
  • ITS Application
The total project cost is 469.02 crores.