Culture is a creation of people by them self. Life itself starts certain new customs, which is resulted due to its own interests, opinions, facilities and geographical circumstances, which becomes rituals and part of routine life. To maintain cultural standard of Surat, sustain it and develop further along with promoting patriotism in present generation by remembering contribution of Indian leaders during freedom movement. Department of Culture regularly organizes various cultural programmes to promote and nurture, cultural value in present and future generation.

Department of Culture organizes various cultural programmes, which involves fundamental art forms of culture such as Music, Dance, Drama etc. By such activities City's prominent-amateur, established-fresher artists and sports-person gets a platform and encouragement to showcase their skills and potential. As a result City's artists/sports-persons have made their name and fame along with Surat City and Surat Municipal Corporation. Hence, to nurture and sustain cultural and heritage values, Surat Municipal Corporation is regularly and continuously organizes various activities.

Through out the year, Department of Culture is organizing more than 70 competitions/programmes. Details to participate in these competitions/programmes are published in local news-papers and Surat Municipal Corporation's website 10 to 15 days prior of events.