How do I?

How Do I Get a Drainage Connection?

  • Owner of the property should apply through drainage licensed plumber to the concern zone office along with drainage plan in a prescribed application form and copy of receipt of property tax of the year applied. This form can be had from the concern zone office.
  • Zonal Officer will approve the drainage plan and grant permission for drainage connection within 15 days. Along-with application form, applicant shall have to pay the connection charges and road reinstatement charges as resolved by the General Board of Corporation.

Details of Connection Charges

Sr. No. Details of Connection Charges per Drainage Connection
1. Vertical Development tenement
Three storeyed or more than three storeyed building. Rs. 500/- per flat
2. Horizontal development per 'Gala'(Unit) and Bungalow. Rs. 1,000/- per bungalow
Rs. 500/- per "Gala"(Unit)
3. Processing House per connection. Rs. 10,000/- + Rs. 3/- Sq.ft.
4. For Hotel, lodging, Boarding House having 
(a) An area upto 250 sq.ft.
(b) 250 sq.ft. to 500 Sq.ft.
(c) An area exceeding 500 Sq. ft.

Rs. 1,000/-
Rs. 2.000/-
RS. 5,000/- + Rs. 3/- per Sq.ft. 
5. For Factories and Industries per connection (except processing house) Rs. 4,000/-
6. For shops and office connection. Rs. 1,000/-
7. Industrial Units, Hotel, Hospital.
(A) Latrine or chowkadi or for both the connection. Rs. 4,000/-
8. For "Chalis"
(A) Latrine or chowkadi or for both the connection. Rs. 500/-
  • Applicant shall have to lay the drainage line as approved by Zonal Officer at his own cost through the licensed plumber.
  • If the assessment value of the property is less than Rs. 1000/-, the applicant may avail free drainage connection.
  • If any society/institution intends to lay drainage line in their own premises through corporation, the society/institution shall have to pay the 6 % supervision charges along with their contribution as stated below.

Contribution of Public and SMC

Complex Public Contribution SMC contribution
Residential Housing Society 35 % 65 %
Industrial Society/Housing Board 50 % 50 %
Industrial Estate 65 % 35 %
Socially and Economically Backward class Society 15 % 85 %
  • The authorised person of society/institution shall have to apply to the drainage department with Rs. 5000/- as a deposit for preparing estimate along with three copies of sanctioned layout plan of society/institution.
  • The Incremental Contribution charges shall have to be paid by the society/institute prior to getting facility.