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As per Government of Gujarat Notification dated 3rd September, 2020 Urban Development and Urban Housing Department has determined the number of seats reserved for Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Backward Classes and Women for the Surat Municipal Corporation and the number of wards and councilors, number of seats to be reserved for above categories is required to be ascertained in accordance with the figures of the population as declared on the basis of Census - 2011.

Government of Gujarat has declared the numbers of wards and seats as follows:

  1. The areas of the City of Surat shall be divided into Thirty (30) Wards and the Municipal Corporation of the City of Surat shall consist of One Hundred and Twenty (120) elected Councilors;
  2. Out of the One hundred and Twenty (120) seats:
    1. Three (3) Seats shall be reserved for persons belonging to the Scheduled Castes, out of which Two (2) Seat shall be reserved for women belonging to the Scheduled Casters;
    2. Three (4) Seats shall be reserved for persons belonging to the Scheduled Tribes, out of which Two (2) Seat shall be reserved for women belonging to the Scheduled Tribes;
    3. Twelve (12) Seats shall be reserved for the persons belonging to the Backward Classes out of which six (6) Seats shall be reserved for women belonging to the Backward Classes;
    4. Sixty (60) Seats shall be reserved for the women (including the number of seats reserved for the women belonging to Scheduled Castes, Schedule Tribes and the Backward Classes referred to as above.
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Total Population 46,45,384 (As per 2011 Census & After Extension of city Limit in 2020)
Total No. of ward 30
For Existing Election Ward (1 to 38)
Average population per ward 1,54,846
Average population plus 10 % 1,70,331
Average population minus 10 % 1,39,361
Total No. of seats 120
Total general Seats 51 (Exclusive of reserved Seats)
Total reserved Seats 69 (S.C.,S.T., Backward class and women of that caste)
Reservation Details
For Females 60
For Scheduled Castes 3 [out of which 2 seats reserved for female.]
For Scheduled Tribes 4 [out of which 2 seats reserved for female.]
For Other Backward Classes 12 [out of which 6 seats reserved for female.]

Provisions regarding preparation of Electoral Roll

Under the provision of section 8 (2) of the Bombay Provincial Municipal Corporation Act. (B.P.M.C. Act.) the list of voters shall be the same as Electoral Roll of the Gujarat Legislative Assembly prepared and revised in accordance with the provision and the representation of the People Act. 1950 for the time being in force and as revised, modified, updated and published in accordance with provision of Gujarat Provincial Municipal Corporation (Registration of Voters) Rules-1994 and amendments as made by Government of Gujarat form time to time. As per Electoral Registration Rule 3 (1) & (2) Municipal Commissioner, Surat is appointed as the Electoral Registration Officer and Asst. Municipal Commissioner and Special Officer (Election & Census) are appointed as Asst. Electoral Registration Officer for preparation and modification of Preliminary list of Voters in SMC Area as per ward Delimitation by Gujarat Election Commission.

Provision under Gujarat Municipalities (Registration of Voters) Rules 1994 & its Amendments

The preliminary list of Voters and its Modifications are to be prepared as per the provisions of GPMC (Registration of Voters) (Amendment) Rules-2015. As per Rule 4 (2) The Preliminary list of Voters shall include the names of all the persons / voters residing within the geographical limits and shall be displayed in each and every ward of the Municipality, before two months from the completion of the term of the Municipality.

As per these rules and its amendments from time to time and in force from 21st August-2015 Modifications in Preliminary List of Voters is made as per Rule (5) Modifications in Preliminary List of Voters : On an application made to him by the applicant in the form as prescribed by the State Election Commission in this behalf or, on his own, the Electoral Registration Officer is satisfied that the Preliminary List of Voters is at variance with any part of Electoral Roll of the relevant constituency of the Gujarat Legislative Assembly, he shall amend the same and for that purpose may delete or add any entry in such Preliminary List of Voters.

Further as per Rule (6) Final List of Voters is prepared by Electoral Registration Officer after correction of clerical, Printing error of other inaccuracies found in the Preliminary list of Voters; and shall prepare a list of amendments under Rule (5) as above.

Further as per Rule 6 (c) & (d) the amend mend list so prepared shall be displayed in the Municipality Main Office or any other conspicuous place of public inspection and consider any representation received within 10 days and then publish the list of voters and Amendment list on the notice board for public Inspection.

Under Rule 6 Sub Rule (4) before ten days of the last day of filing of nominations for the election till the entire process of the election of the Municipality is over, no addition or alteration or modification shall be made in the final list of voters or in the list of amendments, if any.