To optimise the specific energy consumption required to provide various services without affecting quantity and quality.


  • To conduct in house Energy Audit
  • To conduct External Energy Audit
  • To identify energy conservation projects and its feasibility
  • To find out sources for procuring power at lowest possible price
  • Feasibility study for own power generation from conventional & renewable energy sources
  • To do scrutiny of file having more than equal to 30 kW power loading.
  • To monitor the usages of electricity of entire corporation

Activities/ Work of Energy Efficiency Cell

  • Energy Bill Monitoring System was established in June- 2003 to keep checks on the energy consumed by all departments of corporation and maintaining history records of monthly energy bills.
  • To conduct energy audit work on regular basis for sewage treatment plants, water treatment plants, water pumping stations, drainage pumping stations, hospitals, schools and other premises of corporations. The work is completed in June-2004.
  • To explore the way to generate electrical power at cheaper rates by installing gas based Captive Power Plant(s), Wind based power plant(s) etc. Also, to explore the possibilities to purchase power at cheaper rates from agencies (like Gujarat State Electricity Generation Limited- GSEGL) other then Gujarat State Electricity Distribution Company (GSEDC earlier a part of GEB) & Surat Electricity Company (SEC). Feasibility study to establish captive power plant(s) and to purchase power from other agencies was done in Jan-2004.
  • To explore ways or methods for possible energy saving and introduce it in various related departments so that considerable amount of energy saving can be achieved. For this engineers of EEC will participate in the seminars, fairs, lectures etc. arranged by various organisations dealing in this field so that they will remain in continuous touch with the latest development going on in this field.
  • To find out the right energy saving product for the right machine so that maximum benefit can be availed with the minimum possible investment. To co-ordinate with the user department for purchasing and commissioning of right energy saving products.
  • To establish contacts with various organisations (government/ semi-government/ non-government) dedicated to the energy saving field like Gujarat Energy Development Agency (GEDA), Electrical Research and Development Agency (ERDA) etc. To get familiar with the various incentive scheme offered by Government for making investment in energy saving area.
  • To create awareness among the employees of Surat Municipal Corporation for energy saving and explain importance of energy saving.