A total no of 1092 Anganwadi Centers are included in the I.C.D.S (Integrated Child Development Services) department run by Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) benefits are given to children from 0 to 6 years, pregnant mothers, lactating mother and adolescents. The rate of malnutrition in children from 0 to 6 years is eliminated and they are instructed to give proper diet. Pre-primary education is also provided in Anganwadi to raise the level of education of the child so that the level of education of the child can be raised and an understanding of this behaviour can be gained. At the Anganwadi Center, children are given hot breakfast, fruits, milk and energy bal shakti packets at the Anganwadi Center to eliminate malnutrition. Adolescents are given hygiene information and health check-ups and are also given hemoglobin tablets to raise their hemoglobin level. Adolescents are given a package of purna shakti. Activities are done for children and adolescents so that they can develop physically. Anganwadi Center celebrates four Tuesdays (CBE) and community meetings are organized.Nutritional storytelling is given to the pregnant mother for the birth of a healthy child and to the midwife for the good health of the child, Hygiene and haemoglobin tablets are given to keep their blood level high and Nutrition Day is celebrated at the Anganwadi Center.

I.C.D.S Officer Details

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Sr. No. Officer Name Designation Area Contact No.
Padma J. Prajapati  I/c CDPO - Class - 2 Block 1 - Central Zone & Eest Zone-A, East Zone-B 9879913665
Sangita Patel I/c CDPO - Class - 2 Block 2 - North Zone 9265140910
Ami Upadhyay I/c CDPO - Class - 2 Block 3 - South East Zone 9824700750
Sharda S Dhullam CDPO - Class - 2 Block 4 - South East Zone 9979615055
Krishna K Tank CDPO - Class - 2 Block 5 - West Zone, South Zone 6357013662
Bhavna Patel I/c CDPO - Class - 2 Block 6 - North Zone, West Zone 9377608620
Sharda Rana I/c CDPO - Class - 2 Block 7 - South East Zone 9879410642
Pritipancholi I/c CDPO - Class - 2 Block 8 -  South East Zone 9825376148
Bhavna Patel I/c CDPO - Class - 2 Block 9 - South Zone 9377608620