Nature Park

Nature Park Sarathana is situated at the North-East corner of Surat City, which is approachable by Surat Kamrej Road. The site is covered with an area of 81 acres with river Tapi on the north side and Surat Kamrej road is on its south side. Land is fully vegetated with trees of Eucalyptus, Casurina and Mango etc. The site is an ideal place for the development of a zoo with the new concept of natural habitat design.

Prior to 1984 there was no zoo in South Gujarat. The people of the Surat city and surrounding villages, especially the students of the schools and colleges were deprived of the first hand knowledge about wild life. Keeping in view above, the Surat Municipal Corporation has prepared a plan for setting up a Nature Park.

The aim and objectives of the Nature park are enlisted below:

  • To create awareness about wild life and its conservation among the visitors through exhibiting of animals in simulated habitat condition and by educational programmes.
  • To breed endanger & extinct species found locally, regionally and countrywide in planned manner.
  • To protect endangered & extinct species of wild life and to conserve them in natural environment.
  • To create conservation awareness among public to get their support for conservation - preservation.

The Nature Park is located on Surat Kamrej Road and on the up stream left bank of river Tapi, Which is about 10 km. from Surat City and 8 km. away from the National Highway No.8 ( 21'.12' North latitude and 72' . 55' east longitude ). The park is well connected by Rail and Road route. It is 8 Km. away from Surat Rail-way & Central Bus-station.

TICKETS (Entry fee per head)

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Sr. No Particulars Charges
Person above 12 year of age Rs. 30/-
Children (3 -12 years) and person of 65 and above years of age. Rs. 20/-
Students from educational institute (Primary to Secondary)visiting the Zoo in group Rs. 10/-
Persons from women protection centre, orphanage, handicapped and mentally challenged institutes, juvenile homes,persons from Arm forces (irrespective Of age) Free
Kids from SMC Managed Primary / Secondary Schools Free
Adult Foreigner above 12 year of age with a guide map Rs. 200/-
Foreigner Children (3-12 years) Rs. 100/-
Still camera (per day) Rs. 50/-
Domestic video camera (per day) Rs. 150/-
Filming charges professional camera / video (per day) (prior approval of competent authority is rquired, for shooting the wildlife and Natural seen in the Nature Park). Rs. 5000/-
Children (3-12 years) during Wildlife Week & 5 th June World Enviroment Day celebration Free

Admission Hours

April, 1 to March, 31 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Public Holiday

Zoo remains closed on every Monday & on eve. of Dhuleti, Mahoram & Ganesh Visarjan (Anad Chaudas)

Contact Details

  • Booking Office
  • Hospital

Contact Persons: Shri Rajesh A. Patel, Smt. Hina C. Patel

Do's and Don'ts for visitors at Zoo

  1. Enter the park with an appropriate entry pass which may be obtained after paying prescribed fees at the Ticket Collecting Centre.

  2. Produce permit for inspection on demand by any Park Official.

  3. Maintain absolute peace and silence inside the Park premises.

  4. Keep your eyes and ears open but not mouths.

  5. Help to keep the Park premises clean.

  6. Report / inform Park Officials in case of any emergency or occurrence of accident for help.

  7. Observe the natural behavior of animals Silently.

  1. Destroy/Cut/pluck/remove the plants, trees & flowers.

  2. Tease/provoke the animals.

  3. Feed the animals.

  4. Go beyond the stand off barrier of the visitor's gallery.

  5. Litter the park with waste papers/refuse , etc.

  6. Play radio, tape-recorder, etc. inside the Park premises.

  7. Enter the Park with weapons such as guns, bow & arrows, explosives, hooks, catapults, nets, poison, snares, traps and any other apparatus which can anaesthetize, decoy, destroy or injure / kill animal.